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Financial Advisory Services

Strong Financial Advisory Services

About Our Business

Strong Retirement Income Solutions (hereinafter, “we,” “our,” the “Firm,” or “Strong Solutions”) is an advisory firm that offers financial planning services, investment management strategies, and recommends third party investment management platforms. Our firm is a state of Indiana domiciled corporation. Our firm’s President is Roy M. Strong and he is the sole shareholder of the Firm. We have one (1) investment adviser representative on staff: Roy M. Strong. Mr. Strong is also our firm’s Chief Compliance Officer.

Types of Advisory Services

Our firm provides financial advisory services to, charitable organizations, corporations, trusts and estates, and other business entities. We assist clients in planning for their future financial goals, including retirement planning and income planning. We also advise and assist clients with managing their investments. An explanation of our services is as follows in the details below.

Financial Planning & Consultation Services

We construct financial plans to assist clients in reaching their financial goals. Our plans are developed by evaluating data relative to our clients’ financial circumstances, investment goals and objectives, and tax status. The planning report may include, but is not limited to information relative to net worth calculations, cash flow analysis, retirement planning, advanced education planning, college planning, estate planning issues, as well as debt and consumption management.

Investment Management Services

We offer non-discretionary and discretionary investment management services, personalized asset allocations advice, and portfolio construction strategies to meet our clients’ investment goals. Our advice regarding financial securities encompasses: Exchange-listed and Over-the-Counter Equities; Options, Mutual Funds and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Unit Investment Trusts (UITs), Corporate Debt Securities, Municipal Securities, and U.S. Government Securities.

Third-party Investment Management Services

We also analyze, select, and recommend advisory platforms of other investment advisors with managed strategies to meet the investment needs of our clients. These third party managers are institutional advisors who offer strategies through managed platforms. We monitor the strategies of the third party money managers to ensure that the objectives remain aligned with the investment objectives and risk tolerance of our clients. The third party money managers are granted discretionary authority to manage client assets. We are responsible for providing ongoing re-balancing and continuous monitoring of our client’s securities holdings contained by these platforms.

Tailored Services

Our advice and services are based on the individual needs of our clients, after analyzing and thoroughly evaluating the goals, objectives, investment horizon, and risk tolerance of each client. Clients may impose restrictions on investing in certain asset classes or any specific types of securities by advising their investment adviser representative of such restrictions.

Types of Clients

Strong Retirement Income Solutions manages investments for many different types of clients. We generally provide advice to individuals (including high net-worth individuals), charitable organization, trusts and estates, corporations and other business entities. There is a minimum accounts investment value of $50,000. The minimum may be waived based anticipation of additional funds to meet minimum accounts value with a reasonable period and other criteria at the sole discretion of the firm.