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We Love our Referrals!

Please don't keep us a secret.

Thank you for all the referrals this year!

As you know the last few years have been tough for everyone, knowing that our clients a sending referrals to us is the biggest compliment we can receive!

We are happy to speak with anyone who is referred to us. We can call them, have a ZOOM meeting and/or have a face to face meeting at our office. The goals would be to answer questions, provide value in advance and see how we can help your friends, family members or co-workers. They can schedule at a time that is convenient for their schedule:Schedule an Appointment

They can also call us directly at 317-852-9774 or via email at to schedule a convenient time for a call, a ZOOM meeting, a GoToMeeting, or a face to face meeting at our office.

We appreciate the continued trust and confidence.

 The Strong team

 Thank you for thinking of us. 

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